Design Disrupter: Wendy Euler of Goodbye Crop Top

OK. So I'm always inspired by Design Disrupters: people who are busting out of their comfort zones, taking chances and most importantly, disrupting the "status quo". I'm starting a NON BLOG BLOG that will highlight those DD's (Design Disrupters) and try to find out what makes them tick, and how they are breaking the mold. 


For the very first interview of this series, I knew I had to find someone who was making huge waves with their message.

I stumbled across Goodbye Crop Top on Instagram (@goodbyecroptop) a while back and fell in LOVE with her message. Wendy Euler, who runs Goodbye Crop Top, is all about authenticity and appreciating the privilege and beauty of aging. 

When I turned 50, I all of a sudden found myself thinking I had to act differently, be more of a sophisticate than a dork, and tone down my energy and act "my age"... Turns out, I was wrong. Wendy's blog literally makes me high five the air while I'm reading it.

I finally got a chance to interview Wendy and was bursting with questions. Like… when was the last time she actually wore a crop top? Haha…

Keep scrolling to find out the answers and experience my Q&A with one of my favorite Design Disrupters out there!

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Raili: Design Disrupting is all about “turning things upside down, shaking them, then turning them right side up again.”  While you may not be in design, I consider you a Disrupter in your own right! Can you tell about a time that you disrupted the creative world in a unique way?

Wendy: Just over a year and a half ago I was thinking about launching a private label (still on the agenda at some point) and I was writing a lot. Neither was really going anywhere on their own, so I decided to write for women entering their second half of life.... To let them know it is still possible to be rad and hip and really the best you can be to date.

I grew tired of one side saying, "you can't age, no wrinkles allowed" and on the other was, "I think I'll curl up into a ball and die because I'm in menopause and my life is over.” There was a huge hole in the middle. I decided to fill it and honestly I had no idea how impeccable my timing would be.

I've reached 113k followers in a short time, all authentic, all very, very engaged and I'm proud of that. I'm proud of the fact that this little project is helping so many women wake up and find their best self at 50, 60 beyond. I also love the fact that I have a pretty substantial younger following who tell me they are no longer scared of aging. This, to me, is everything.

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Raili: You have become a popular influencer talking about aging gracefully in an anti-aging culture. You have kids that are growing up in this environment. How do you help them deal with the constant bombardment of anti-aging culture?

Wendy: I try to lead by example. I had no education on this topic. I mean I guess it was okay to age when we were growing up, at least more so than now. I hear my daughters echo the messages I'm sending and mimic my actions and that makes me feel like I'm doing something right. It's not always perfect, but I try.

Raili: You have a powerful message that inspires many, myself included. Where does your inspiration come from?

Wendy: I lost my best friend when we were 26. THAT is my biggest inspiration. I held her feet when she took her last breath of air and in that moment I knew how lucky I was to be alive, to celebrate another birthday. Beyond that, my husband is my greatest supporter and truly my best friend on this planet. He inspires me every day, as do my daughters. I want to make a difference, I want to show them anyone can make a difference at ANY point in their life. 

Raili: You like to use the phrase “50 is the new 50” and it often opens up the conversation about aging. What does 50 mean to you? How do you think your view on aging is different from others your age?

Wendy: Fifty (fifty one now) really means nothing to me. I love that quote that goes something like, ‘how old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?’ It is truly just a number. 

To the point of “50 is the new 50”.... I think it's great. I'll think 60 is great and so on... So why try to be or say we are 30?

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Raili: Okay, be honest, When was the last time you wore a crop top?

Wendy: I wear one a lot to work out! As you know, Goodbye Crop Top is a metaphor, intended to be funny! So, you never know. Keep watching and you might just see me in one, one day…

Raili: Be honest again, what’s your stance on the whole “athleisure” trend? How often is too often to wear yoga pants out in public? (Guilty!)

Wendy: Also GUILTY! I'm in running gear and/or workout attire a lot. But I work from home so it makes it easy. I try to at least throw on some camo pants or jeans and a t-shirt when I'm going out to run daily errands, but sometimes I remain in "athleisure". When I'm in LA or other bigger cities for work, I always put the effort in.

Raili: You have a distinct personal style. Tell me about it!

Wendy: I'm really about the basics (everyone should read Nina Garcia’s The Little Black Book of Style and The One Hundred). From there, add statement pieces, hats... I love hats which is no secret to anyone who follows me.

I love boho, some western, vintage, occasional conservative and I love to mix all of that. The fun comes in high/low, mixing different decades, styles.

Raili: You have talked about your love of entertaining in your home. How is your style reflected in your home and entertaining?

Wendy: I go for colors and textures I love. AND COMFORT! But seriously, I love mixing modern with farmhouse with boho... I break the rules a lot.

Same goes for food and entertaining. I might serve guacamole when the theme is not necessarily Mexican. Most things are all about a feeling for me.

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Raili: You recently moved from Seattle to Bozeman, Montana. What prompted your move? Do you miss Seattle at all?

Wendy: We were tried of the rain, the traffic, the crowds. We wanted simple and sunshine. And we are THRIVING. Do I miss Seattle? Honestly, I miss my friends a lot. But Seattle? Not really. Always happy to visit, but I breathe deep when I return to Montana.

Raili: Ok, last question, What’s next for Goodbye Crop Top?

Wendy: There are so many balls in the air at the moment. Lots of exciting things. We'll have to wait and see! But as long as I am helping and inspiring women, I'm so happy.


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